How We Can Help

Technical Assistance

We connect people with experts in order to develop health policy, interventions, evaluation design, and more. The timing and depth of the technical assistance depends on many things, including the interest of partners and the resources available.

Some examples of technical assistance we've provided include: helping policymakers develop health policies grounded in science and informed by community perspectives, and helping a community-based coalition develop an evaluation plan for a transportaion and health services program.




  • Collective Impact
  • Collaborative Strategic Planning & Implementation

Partnership Grants Program

Our grants program can help provide you with the seed money partners often need to begin a conversation, or to cover some costs that help advance a burgeoning collaboration. Our past grantees and projects we've helped support. We've helped many applicants find partners to apply with, and have provided coaching for helping to develop equitable partnerships.

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Partnering can be as simple as sharing information, as complex as sharing staff and resources, or as involved as filling an auditorium to discuss a particular topic. For community members, CCE is here to help you navigate UCSF to form or strengthen a partnership.

Occasionally, the Center for Community Engagement will act as a convener to bring different partners together around particular areas of action. These events typically involve a range of participants, aimed at addressing a health challenge or meeting a need in your community. Our faculty bench helps us to address these topics with a myriad of expertise, and our staff are trained in various facilitation methods (ToP, RBA, Lean, 6 Sigma, etc.).

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Excellence in Partnership Award

The CCE has hosted events that highlight the need for responsible research that is ethical and seeks to benefit the communities and individuals that participate.

Our partnership celebrations recognize and lift up community-university partnerships that represent the best of our collaborative efforts between UCSF and our partners across many sectors. Please join our mailing list to receive updates and information regarding our upcoming CCE Partnership Celebration. (Click the "Join our mailing list" button on the right hand side of this page).

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