UCSF should be as accessible to the community as the public library
~Sudeep Motupalli Rao, PhD


The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates and facilitates UCSF community-academic-health/healthcare partnerships to promote civic engagement and foster health and well-being. We leverage UCSF’s role as an anchor institution with the goals of creating opportunity, advancing equity and improving health outcomes.

COVID-19 Resource

UCSF has been intimately involved in studying various aspects of COVID-19.
We have assembled many resources to help protect and educate the community.

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Community Engagement Toolkit

Get started with community-engaged research, patient advisory boards, partnerships, service learning, and much more.


Partnership Grants Program

UCSF’s Center for Community Engagement is seeking proposals for student projects that help advance health equity, and are done in partnership with Bay Area community-based partners. We have projects and partners seeking students, if you need a partner and a project. You bring the passion to learn and serve in community. Grants support students up to $4,500 and a Community-Based Organization, School, or other partner up to $4,500.