Research & Evaluation

Community engagement and community partnership are essential to improving the health of populations and advancing health equity because these methodologies ensure that interventions are better integrated into community life, and therefore, are more feasible, resonant and sustainable.

With that premise in mind, we help community-based organizations, clinics, civic agencies and UCSF researchers successfully collaborate to investigate, plan, disseminate, apply and evaluate their work.

We offer Consultation, Training, Convenings, workshops and a Linkage service to support community engagement and partnership in health and health care equity projects and initiatives.

Projects and initiatives include:

  • Community-Based Health Research
  • Practice-Based Population Health Research
  • Multi-Sector Collective Impact Population Health Interventions
  • Evaluation of Community-Based Health Improvement Initiatives

How Can CCE Help?

If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence.

Lawrence W. Green

University of California, San Francisco

For Community: Our program helps build the capacity of community organizations, civic agencies and clinics to better use science and research to get your work done.

Some examples include:

  • How to use existing evidence to design an evidence-based program or policy;
  • How to design an evaluation of your program impact;
  • How to partner with scientists to do research in your community.

For UCSF Faculty & Staff: Our program helps build the capacity of UCSF faculty and staff to better partner with civic agencies, policymakers, community-based organizations and others to leverage scientific skills and science expertise in mutually beneficial and impactful ways.

Learn how partnering in every step in research and evaluation with communities burdened by disease can help you reduce disease burden in those communities, and enhance the power of your interventions.

Get Support

Creating and Applying New Research:

  • Population health research participant recruitment strategies
  • Developing research instruments and tools
  • Building capacity to do CER
  • Fostering partnerships
  • Evaluation of collective impact
  • Evaluation of community engagement practices in health equity projects and programs

Sharing Existing Research:

  • Dissemination of evidence-based practices
  • Community-engaged research dissemination strategies
  • Bringing research and community-generated evidence to:
    • Health policy
    • Community-based health programs
    • Clinical interventions

Training and Capacity Building for Research and Evaluation:

  • Creating, supporting, and training successful community advisory councils and boards
  • Best practices for community partnership in health research
  • Meeting facilitation and strategic planning
  • Linkage to academic, clinical, civic and community partners.