About Us

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has tremendous intellectual, scientific, material and human resources to contribute to improvement in the health and well-being of the public. Local communities also represent a wealth of knowledge and resources. San Francisco is well known for its thriving and multi-faceted nonprofit sector that contributes to the City's social, economic and community well-being. UCSF's University Community Partnerships Office endeavors to harness University resources in collaboration with those in San Francisco communities to bring new meaning to the definition of a public research university — one that truly serves the vibrant communities of San Francisco.

UCSF has a unique opportunity to promote health equity and improve well-being by collaborating with local communities in a deliberate and mutually respectful way. UCSF subscribes to the philosophy that the economic crisis we are facing offers some crucial opportunities for collaborations to build capacity and maximize existing resources. UCSF has historically had a strong but disparate and uncoordinated presence in San Francisco communities. The University Community Partnerships Office offers the potential for more coordinated and productive partnerships between philanthropy, local government, community-based nonprofits and UCSF.

Our Mission

To build collaborative relationships between UCSF and the community, promoting civic engagement, fostering community health and well-being, and enhancing the environment for education, patient care, research, and employment at UCSF. The Office serves as a bridge between UCSF and local communities, emphasizing partnerships that value and respect the assets and diversity of both.

Our Vision

To actively improve the quality of life and promote health equity throughout our communities by cultivating, sustaining and advancing strong collaborative partnerships that model excellence in University and community engagement.