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COVID-19 Resources for Community-Based Partners


    • Structural Competency Innovations and Opportunities in the Era of COVID-19 National Webinar Series.
    • The following webinars are produced in partnership with the UCSF Latinx Center for Excellence (LCOE). Please click here to access the webinars.
      • COVID-19: Equity Implications for the Latinx Community in the Greater Bay Area. (4/27/20)
      • UC Berkeley Latinx Center of Excellence Mental Health in the Latinx Community Amid COVID-19. (4/21/20)
      • COVID-19 Updates with UCSF Faculty for CBOs working with Immigrants, Refugees and Asylee Populations. (4/10/20)
      • COVID-19 Updates & Resources for San Francisco Tenderloin Community Organizations. (4/8/20)
      • Updates and Q&A with UCSF Faculty About COVID-19 - COVID-19 Updates for CBOs working with Latinx Populations. (4/3/20)



      Community Resources with Information in Several Languages

      Updated Daily.

      These Google documents include information about COVID-19 testing, access to food, prevention, and clinical care.

      Estos documentos contienen enlaces a recursos en otros idiomas.







      Scholarly Resources

      Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network (SIREN)

      As part of SIREN’s mission to synthesize, disseminate, and catalyze high quality research, SIREN produces resources that SIREN hopes can help research teams and health care delivery system stakeholders both better evaluate and more easily present information on the evidence on social and medical care integration.

      • Research Question Bank - A repository of data collection instruments about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations.
      • COVID-19 Resources - A collection of recent articles and data highlighting the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations.



      UCSF Coronoavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources



      Welcome to the Center for Community Engagement

      The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates and facilitates UCSF community-academic-health/healthcare partnerships to promote civic engagement and foster health and well-being. We leverage UCSF’s role as an anchor institution with the goals of creating opportunity, advancing equity and improving health outcomes.


      UCSF should be as accessible to the community as the public library.

      Sudeep Motupalli Rao, PhD

      Former UCP Council Member




        CCE Partnership Grants Program

        Applications for Fiscal Year 2019/2020 are closed. 

        More information here or contact Aisha Queen-Johnson



        Featured Partnership - Spotlight

        Read about collaborations between UCSF and community partners to advance health equity and how those partnerships are supported by the Center for Community Engagement.

        Bayani Kabataan (Youth Heroes): A Photovoice Study with Filipino Youth in Union City

        Despite the fact that Filipinos comprise the second largest group of Asian-Americans in the United States, few studies have focused on social and structural determinants of health affecting Filipino communities and Filipino youth. Photovoice is a youth-led participatory action research method that develops youth capacity to advocate for community change through data collection that can inform health interventions and policy.

        As part of the Center for Community Engagement’s (CCE) Partnership Grants Program, the CCE awarded UCSF’s School of Medicine and PRIME-US student, Bernadette Lim, with a RAPTr (Resource Allocation Program for Trainees) grant to conduct the Photovoice study.

        The research project explored Filipino youth perspectives regarding the impact of their environment – including physical space, social determinants of health, and structural forces – on their physical and psychosocial health.

        Partners: Filipino Advocates for Justice.