What We Do

The Office of University Community Partnerships (UCP) is UCSF's institutional infrastructure for community partnerships. UCP supports the diverse ecosystem of organically developed, grass-roots community partnerships that exist at UCSF by facilitating community partnerships, incubating new initiatives, and helping to overcome institutional barriers impeding civic engagement. UCP is also the information clearinghouse and coordinating center, tracking all UCSF's community partnership activities. Another important function is to assist individuals from UCSF and local community organizations to navigate each other's customs and procedures in order to embark on and complete successful partnership voyages. Some broad categories of university and community partnerships include:

  • Education outreach
    Linkages and partnerships between UCSF and local communities that translate health sciences research results into community knowledge, enhance community education at UCSF, improve K-12 science education, and increase opportunities for disadvantaged students to pursue careers in the health professions and scientific research.
  • Community-based research and evaluation
    Participatory models that engage and empower community members and community based organizations as partners in research activities
  • Service-learning
    Socially responsive, community based educational experiences for UCSF learners, expand learning opportunities at UCSF for community based learners, and support faculty development in service learning.
  • Employment and economic development
    Job training programs that target economically disadvantaged communities and employment opportunities that will improve the economic and civic environment in these neighborhoods.

Finally, UCP enables partnerships by providing seed grants. These grants are designed to support collaborative relationships that promote civic engagement, foster community well-being, and enhance the environment for research, education, patient care and employment.