Community Health Planning & Policy Development

The CCE collaborates to increase health equity by bringing together science, underserved communities and other sectors including: health, education, government, business, and more. Together, we work to move the needle on community health.

Some of the ways we are involved in this area are:

The San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership (SFHIP)

SFHIP is a cross-sector initiative designed to improve the health and wellness of all San Franciscans. SFHIP combined into one aligned framework, the efforts of three successful community health improvement collaborators: San Francisco's non-profit hospitals and their Community Benefits Partnership (CBP) and Building a Healthier San Francisco (BHSF) projects; the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of California (CTSI), San Francisco, which supported the first phase of SFHIP; and the San Francisco Department of Public Health and its community health improvement process.

San Francisco Cancer Initiative (SF CAN)

SF CAN is a broad new partnership among UCSF researchers, community organizations, and local government agencies with the goal of reducing the cancer burden in San Francisco. In addition to working toward a decrease in the absolute number of cancer cases in the city, SF CAN is paying particular attention to disparities in cancer occurrence and outcomes across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups - with a focus on breast, colorectal, liver, prostate, and tobacco-caused cancers.

Our Shared Agenda - A Citywide Vision for Children’s Health Equity

Child health leaders representing government agencies, community organizations, UCSF researchers and health care providers gathered together to adopt a common agenda for San Francisco children and families to achieve health equity.